Specialist for permanent magnets
and magnetic products

Permanent magnets represent a specific group of products. Therefore, it is important to become familiar with the basic concepts that characterize magnet - see item ABOUT MAGNETS. You will also find information on how magnets are made and what they are used for.

If you need help with a solution to your problem or a suitable choice of the magnet, use our contacts.

Our goal is to be a qualified supplier who delivers for our customers the best possible conditions.

Our priority is a wholesale of all kinds of permanent magnets and articles thereof . Permanent magnets are not produced in the Czech Republic, so we import them.

  • We are specialists in our branch. We sell what we really understand in the broadest possible range. We provide free technical support and after-sales service.
  • We are not only merchants - our certified quality management system manages and controls all the parameters of the products we sell.
  • We follow the latest trends in the industry and constantly replenish our range of products with novelties of the world markets.
  • Magnetic products are manufactured in accordance to clients customized orders or according to his drawings.
  • We build our business on the respectable trade relations. We do not say that we will meet any request, but we do our best to give customers product that will fully suit him.
  • We provide significant discounts when ordering larger quantities. It is possible to arrange gradual offtake of the goods.
  • We do not dependent on any manufacturer's dealer, who would dictate conditions and restrict stock levels.
  • We work hard to shorten delivery time. Basic range of magnets are in stock. In case of repeated and regular orders of any product we offer compensatory stock levels.

We look forward to working with you !


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Ve Žlíbku 1800
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