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ABC MAGNET Ltd. has a certified quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 - see certificates. The basic direction of the company determines The policy of quality.

The quality management system covers all processes that affect quality: consulting, marketing, development, preparing, manufacture, control activities, shipping and after-sales service.

By flexible management of all important processes we try to meet the needs and wishes of our customers. We assume that satisfied customer has a reason to come back again.

We continuously expand our sales range with regard to the requirements of customers.

We prefer long-term cooperation with verified suppliers, so we can achieve higher reliability, quality and lower prices.

In order to further develop our market position and meet the challenges and demands , we strive to raise the professional level of our workers by their systematic education.

We strive for continuous improvement od our facilities and our labor resources.

An important part of our daily activities is friendly relation to the environment. We sort waste and send it for recycling. We use environmentally friendly equipment and materials .We reduce paper consumption by using electronic documentation and correspondence. For transportation and distribution of the goods we use bulk collection transport services.

Input / output control

All our products pass the input and output control systems. Permanent magnets are usually controlled by the standard method of selection according to ČSN ISO 2859-1.

For quality control, we use both certificates and measuring manufacturers protocols and also results of our own tests and measurements. Our gauges are at prescribed intervals verified by certified calibration laboratories. Specific methods of measurements and tests are shown on the test section.


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