The main focus of our company is business activitiy in the field of magnets and magnetic products. Since these are rather special goods, our business activity naturally includes services like consulting, assistance with selecting the best material but also the designing of complex applications.

Internal control system gives our customers a high degree of certainty that they will get a perfect product according to their expectations. Nevertheless, if there is a deficiency or defect, we solve them promptly, usually in exchange for the perfect piece.

New demands and wishes of our customers inspire us to impove our business and widen product range. Most products are in stock for immediate delivery.


Our goal is to make the customer buy what he really needs.
For correct use of permanent magnet it is very important to know at least the basics of magnetic materials and circuits. Incorrect application can cause malfunctioning, either it is a lacking of electromechanic properties or ability to separate metal particles.
For effective counseling is necessary to know as much as possible about the intended application. It is not necessary to fill out any complicated questionnaires . Make a phone call or write us an email to find out all the necessary information.
And what do we charge for consulting? Basic information is free,no matter if the transaction takes place or not. Only the more complex designs of magnetic systems, analysis, etc. are charged based on our prior written offer.


Long-term experience in this field and direct bonds to global manufacturers is our main watchword and therefore we dedicate it an exceptional care. As direct importers of magnets we achieve very good prices.

We offer our current and future customers:
  • Consulting Services
  • Technical and Business Information
  • Sampling
  • Flexible implementation of product changes
  • Supplies "just in time"
  • Price fixation
  • Consignment stores
  • Contingency reserves
and much more.


We focus on both the wholesale and businesses , but we try to satisfy everyone who even need a single magnet in a home workshop.

In our watehouse premises we have established a store for cash, where you can not only see our products, but also try and buy the amounts needed. The entire range of wholesale products is available.

The shop is open on weekdays from 9:00 to 14:30 pm.

Credit card payment method is not possible.

Terms and conditions

The sale is governed by the Terms and Conditions, which you can download on our website.


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